Vegetarian-Pamela-AndersonMany Hollywood stars are getting on board and promoting a vegan lifestyle.  One starlet who is known more for her red swimsuit than her vegan lifestyle is Pamela Anderson who became a vegetarian in her teens.  At a young age Pamela was watching her father clean an animal he had killed and vowed to be a vegan for the rest of her life.  Since then she has become a very active animal rights campaigner and has even won a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) award for her work in campaigning for our silent friends.

Famous people like Pamela Anderson have a huge impact on people and can very successfully promote a compassionate lifestyle.  Many people look up to stars as role models and will want to follow in their footsteps, so it is great that so many stars are leading people in the right direction to living a life more harmonious with our animal friends.

However in order to live a life that is in complete harmony with with others we need to understand our true identity.  Aham Brahmasmi  – we are eternal spiritual beings only temporarily inhabiting a material body and just like us, all other living entities are also spiritual and eternal, no matter what type of body they have on,.  We all share a common father, the Supreme spiritual Being, so that makes all other living entities our brothers and sisters. What a wonderful insight!

In order to increase our spiritual wisdom, we need a method of purification that cleanses away the misunderstanding that we are this physical body.  That cleansing agent is Mantra meditation.  Mantras cleanse the heart and mind so we can not only understand who we are, but how we can act on spiritual wisdom and live life as a spiritual being in complete harmony with others.