green livingPeople become vegetarians for a number of reasons.  It may be compassion, spiritual belief, health or environmental concerns.  I have a brother who is an environmentalist, an environmental lawyer in fact, and he once said to me that to be a sincere environmentalist you must follow a vegetarian diet.  The meat industry is causing so much environmental damage that to eat meat would be a complete controversy for a genuine environmentalist.

We should be protecting Mother Earth.  She provides us with the necessities of life, water, food and air.  Even if it means reducing our meat intake by just one meal a week it will have a huge impact on the environment.

A report published by the World Wildlife Fund states that if every German cut out just one hamburger a week, the reduction in meat consumption would save the equivalent of emissions produced by driving 75 billion kilometres by car.

Imagine if everyone in the world cut out just one meat meal a week.  What a difference it would make.  Some of the vegetarian burgers made these days are way tastier than meat burgers anyway and are much healthier for the body and mind.  I found 40 absolutely amazing vegan burger recipes here.

However for us to have a complete understanding of how we should treat the environment and other living entities we need to view things from a spiritual perspective.  A good place to start is by practicing meditation on a regular basis.  Meditation will purify your spiritual consciousness, enabling you to live in harmony with others and with Mother Earth.